Book Club Rule #1 – The Big 5 Numbers

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In cadrul book clublui de Marti 23 Noiembrie am discutat despre cei mai importanti 5 indicatori financiari in opinia autorului Phill Town. Return on Investment Capital (ROIC) Sales growth rate  Earnings per Share (EPS) growth rate Equity, or Book Value per Share (BVPS), growth rate Free Cash Flow (FCF or Cash) growth rat [...]

Book Club – Buy a Business, Not a stock

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In cadrul Book Club-ului Rule#1 din data de 16 Noiembrie am dezbatut capitolele 3 si 4 din cartea Rule #1 Investing. Principalele idei din capitolele 3 si 4 BE PROUD OF WHAT YOU OWN I won’t own this business for ten minutes unless I’m willing to own it for ten years. Finding a business with a [...]

Book Club – Start sezon 2

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Marti 9 Noiembrie am inceput sezonul 2 a book clublui in care vom citi si dezbate cartea Rule 1 Investing de Phil Town Prezentare 9 Noimbrie Cateva pasaje interesante extrase din carte. According to Buffett, “There are only two rules of investing: Rule #1: Don’t lose money … and Rule #2: Don’t forget Rule #1 HIGH [...]