Book Club S4 – Valuation Viagra

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In cadrul book club-ului din data de 17 Mai colegul nostru Sebi a dezbatut principalele idei din capitolele 7 si 8 ale cartii The little book of evaluation de Aswath Damodaran. Un pasaj foarte interesant din capitolul 7 The biggest challenge in valuing mature companies is complacency. When valuing these companies, investors are often lulled into [...]

Book Club S4 – Cum analizezi companiile de tip growth

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In book clublul din data de 3 Mai colegii nostri au discutat despre evaluarea companiilor de tip growth. Most young growth companies tend to be privately owned and funded by their founder/owner or by venture capitalists. In the last two decades, though, companies in some sectors such as technology and biotechnology have been able to [...]

Book Club Sezonul 4 – Value more than a number

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Two Approaches to Valuation Ultimately, there are dozens of valuation models but only two valuation approaches: intrinsic and relative. In intrinsic valuation, we begin with a simple proposition: The intrinsic value of an asset is determined by the cash flows you expect that asset to generate over its life and how uncertain you feel about these [...]